common questions

Welcome to our distinguished customer.. On this page we will try to answer the most common questions about the products and the shopping experience from Onk and it will be constantly updated.

Do you provide the service of sending the order as a gift?

Yes, you can send the order to another recipient as a gift.. All you have to do is indicate the gift message if you want it in the product notes + put the option to receive the order by another person in the shipping options.

Is the invoice sent when the order is sent as a gift?

We only provide the invoice electronically to the buyer and it is not sent to the person to whom it is intended, except upon the buyer's request.

Is gift wrapping available?

Currently not available. We only attach the gift card as per the message in the product notes.

Is the shape of the cups different from the pictures shown?

The shape of the paint may vary slightly in terms of quantity, degree of color or size, and it varies slightly because the cups are handmade, especially pottery, and because each cup comes out in a unique, distinctive and different form from the other cup.

Are the cups heat insulated?

The cups are not heat-insulated and can be used up to a temperature of about 92 degrees, since most of the uses for specialty coffee - except for some types of heat preservation - and this is clarified if they are heat-insulating in the product description.

Did you notice a taste of pottery in the cups?

It is recommended upon receipt of the cup that hot water be placed for an hour and that it is cleaned with regular cleaning materials (dish and dish detergent), and white vinegar can be placed with the detergent to remove the smell or taste if it is present.

Do the sizes of the wooden bases differ?

The wooden bases are handcrafted from olive wood, and their size, shape and color varies from piece to piece. Approximate sizes are indicated in the product description for each piece.

Do I need a base so that the voids and cracks in the wooden bases are clear?

You can communicate with customer service and clarify your request so that pictures of the available pieces will be sent and the appropriate ones will be selected. There is a sign for the WhatsApp program at the bottom, please click on it and you will be transferred to the conversation directly.

Can I choose a shape from the wooden base?

Yes, the customer can choose the appropriate shape from the available pieces by communicating with customer service through WhatsApp. There is a sign for the WhatsApp program at the bottom, please click on it and you will be transferred to the conversation directly.

Do you come to Kuwait?

Yes, there is delivery to all Gulf countries. You can view the international shipping options page from here