Ethiopia goji coffee + El Salvador devisadero + pence + clay cup

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Soil Coffee - Ethiopia Dried Goji 250g + Kaffa - El Salvador Devisadero 250g + Ethiopia Bensa Coffee 250g + Mud Cup

Ethiopian Goji coffee, a crop from Goji farms in Ethiopia, processed in the dried manner with a fruity undertone; Cranberry and strawberry with a hint of flavour, and a hint of chocolate. Date of Hummus 09/03/2021

El Salvador Devisadero coffee is a crop from El Salvador farms processed by the washed method, which distinguishes the coffee with the presence of milk chocolate and caramel overtones. Date of Hummus 3/21/2021

-Ethiopia coffee, pence 250g, a crop from Ethiopia, processed by the dried method, and from the strain of Herilum. Date of Hummus 03/30/2021

The crop is suitable for filter drinks and their derivatives, in addition to espresso and its derivatives

*Coffee is not ground*

* Choose the color of the cup from the product options below, and if you want another color that is not available in the options, contact customer service via WhatsApp and we will work hard to provide it *

Handmade ceramic clay mugs with colorful coating on top..

Capacity: 180 - 200 ml.

The cup is suitable for black coffee, cappuccino, flat white and cortado.

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  • 255 SAR 216 SAR
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