Ethiopia Goji Coffee + Mexico + El Salvador Devisadero + Husky Cup

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Soil Coffee - Ethiopia Dried Goji 250g + Kaffa Coffee - Mexico 250g + Coffee Kuffa - El Salvador Devisadero 250g + Husky Cup

Ethiopian Goji coffee, a crop from Goji farms in Ethiopia, processed in the dried manner with a fruity undertone; Cranberry and strawberry with a hint of flavour, and a hint of chocolate. Date of Hummus 09/03/2021

Mexico coffee, a special crop from Mexico. Processing: washed. Date of Hummus 3/21/2021

-- El Salvador Devisadero coffee is a crop from El Salvador farms processed by the washed method, which distinguishes the coffee with overtones of milk chocolate and caramel. Date of Hummus 3/21/2021

The crop is suitable for filter drinks and their derivatives, in addition to espresso and its derivatives

*Coffee is not ground*

*Choose the color of the cup from the product options below*

Huskee Mug is made of organic and non-toxic (BPA-free) organic coffee husk materials. The mug comes with a lid to be suitable for outdoor drinks (To Go) and is comfortable to use by hand, especially as it insulates the heat of the coffee from the outside surface.

Capacity: 177ml - 6oz

Suitable cup: black coffee and flat white.

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