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Nomad Dark Chocolate 55% Package + Gingerbread Chocolate + El Salvador Coffee + Ceramic Mug

189 SAR 233 SAR

Ramadan offers coffee package

Nomad Organic Dominican Dark Chocolate 55% - 200gm + Coffee Cuff - El Salvador Devisadero 250g + Nomad Organic Gingerbread Chocolate - 200g + Ceramic Mug With Handle

El Salvador Devisadero coffee is a crop from El Salvador farms processed by the washed method, which distinguishes the coffee with the presence of milk chocolate and caramel overtones. Date of Hummus 10/04/2021

- Nomad dark chocolate powder is 55% rich and velvety, made using cocoa beans, which are harvested from the oldest chocolate farms in the Dominican Republic, mixed with hot milk or with espresso, and ice can be added to become a cold drink.

Nomad's Organic Gingerbread Latte Chocolate Powder is caffeine-free with a mixture of coconut powder, spices, gluten-free and preservatives. Mix it with hot milk or with espresso, and you can add ice to become a cold drink.

*Coffee is not ground*

Handcrafted ceramic mug with handle and gradient orange with gray coating.

Capacity: 330-350ml.

Ceramic coffee mug suitable for black coffee, hot chocolate and cold drinks.

189 SAR 233 SAR
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