Shipping, exchange and return policy

Shipping and delivery options within Saudi Arabia:

  • Shipping with SMSA (3-9 working days).
  • Shipping with DHL (3-9 working days).
  • Shipping with Fastlo company (3-9 working days).
  • Shipping with RedBox (within 48 hours) inside Riyadh only.
  • Shipping inside Riyadh (delivery representative within two hours) according to availability by contacting customer service.

Shipping and delivery options outside Saudi Arabia:

Dear customer, please read this page, as it represents the terms and conditions regarding shipping and the store's policy in exchange and return.. ONIC Store reserves the right to update and modify it whenever necessary.

Shipping :

  • The customer must provide the store with a clear address that contains the name, the street next to it, the house and neighborhood number, and a prominent landmark next to the address. The lack of this information is considered a lack of address that may delay the shipment or delivery of the order.
  • The store does not modify the address.. The shipping company delivers the address according to what the customer has written.
  • The order is delivered to the shipping company within three working days.
  • The shipment is delivered to the address or branch in his city, according to what is available with the shipping company.
  • If you choose DHL, the address should be written in English only.
  • The customer provides the store with a suitable branch address for the shipping company in the event that this is requested by the customer.. In the absence of supply, the store selects a branch according to what it deems appropriate.
  • The exact shipping time is an approximation and may extend for a longer time after shipment.
  • Shipping delays due to lack of information absolve the store of responsibility for the delay.
  • Return of the shipment due to lack of information or non-receipt of the shipment, the customer bears the value of returning the shipment to the store and shipping it again.
  • The time is calculated after the order is delivered to the shipping company.
  • The store has the right to change the shipping company, if this is in the interest of the request (to speed up the shipping process of the order, for example).
  • After the order has been shipped, the customer cannot modify or cancel it.
  • After the order is shipped, the customer follows up the order with the shipping company to ensure it is received on time.
  • If the customer does not receive a message with the tracking number, the customer is responsible for communicating with the store to provide him with the tracking.
  • In the event that the shipment is delayed for the customer due to the shipping company, the store shall bear the compensation.
  • In the event that the shipment is not received within the specified days, the customer must inform the store within 3 working days through the approved means of communication
  • The customer’s failure to contact the store within 3 working days means that he has given up his right to be compensated for the shipment and the order.
  • If the customer does not communicate within 3 working days, the store has the right to dispose of the shipment.

Exchange and Return:

  • The customer has the right to replace or return the products in the event that the product is not opened or there is a defect in the product, provided that the store is notified (through the available means of communication) within three working days of receiving the order.
  • In the event of a return and exchange request, the customer shall bear the cost of returning to the store.

Supported means of communication:

  • Communication through WhatsApp only, and there is a sign of the WhatsApp program at the bottom, please click on it and you will be transferred to the conversation directly.