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Smart Circular Wooden Incense Burner + 30 Moroccan Ouds

69 SAR

A smart circular wooden incense burner with a storage for sticks, made of luxurious bamboo, suitable for home or office use, as well as suitable for the car and suitable for gifting.

  • The incense burner comes with 30 small sticks, suitable for the size of the incense burner.
  • Morroki Super Plus Sticks.
  • The incense burner is made of premium bamboo wood.
  • The censer cover with Islamic inscription and decoration of various shapes.
  • The incense burner contains an internal storage for the sticks.
  • The full ignition time is approximately 3 hours.

Beautifully circular wooden smart sticks incense burner suitable for the car, offices, homes and gifting..The option to get additional sticks is available from here.

69 SAR
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