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Smart Wooden Incense Burner With Metal Box + 20 Cambodian Sticks

95 SAR

A small smart wooden incense burner with a metal gift box and a sticks holder suitable for home or office use and suitable for gifting.

  • The incense burner comes with 20 natural Cambodian sticks.
  • A smart incense burner that comes with a beautiful stick case.
  • The incense burner is made of Cambodian wood in order to get the best aroma.
  • The smart incense burner comes inside a metal box with a beautiful gift ribbon.
  • Cambodian sticks are highly flammable and last for a long time.

Beautifully wooden smart sticks incense burner suitable for offices, homes and gifting.

95 SAR
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One comment

مهند سالم السالم korah

11 months ago

جميييل ورائحته مميزة

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